Dear Friend,

In February I had the distinct pleasure of working alongside and learning from the people at Tent of Nations in the West Bank, near Bethlehem. The farm is located in Zone C of the West Bank, and is surrounded by settlements. While my cross-cultural group was there, we planted olive trees as a way of supporting their goal of maintaining ownership of the land through non-violent means. I was honored to do what I could for these wonderful people who live their lives with the motto: “We refuse to be enemies.” Their commitment to finding peace and reconciliation in the face of oppression from the Israeli Military and nearby settlements is so inspiring to me.

Yesterday, the Tent of Nations had over 1,500 fruit trees destroyed, as well as some grape vines, when Israeli Military bulldozed part of their property and the beautiful terraces housing the trees. I encourage you to go learn more about Tent of Nations and what is going on right now and ask that you pray for the Nassar family, who owns the farm, as they continue to work towards peace and especially as they recover from the extensive damage done to the farm.

Lots of love, Mandi Jo