Dear Friend,
I’m in Jordan and it’s beautiful here. We took a ferry from Neweba, Egypt to Aqaba, Jordan last Wednesday and arrived that evening just in time for dinner. The next day we walked around the city on our own, bought lunch from street vendors, and went swimming in the Red Sea. When we were done swimming we drove out to Wadi Rum where we stayed in a Bedouin camp for two nights. While there, we rode camels, hiked through the desert and spent the evenings hanging out together around the fire drinking tea and sharing stories. When we left Wadi Rum on Saturday morning we headed towards Petra where we stayed for two nights. When we first arrived, our guide took us through Petra on a basic tour telling us about the history and tombs there. The next day we all bought “lunch” at a mini market next to our hotel before going back into Petra and exploring in small groups. My group spent time drawing, journaling, reading some assigned passages of scripture, and talking to the children trying to sell us postcards. We also returned to a chapel carved into one of the hills where we spent time singing hymns… Well that was mostly just me, but the girls I was with joined in a little bit. The next day we drove from Wadi Mousa (Petra) to Ammon stopping at Lot’s cave, Little Petra, and the place where Moses hit the rock and water came out (we all filled our water bottles). Yesterday, we met with MCC people here in Ammon and then took taxis back to our hotel after lunch to explore the surrounding areas. Today we will visit Mt Nebo and a mosaic workshop before crossing the border into Palestine. Tonight I’ll begin my three week home stay with a Palestinian family. I’m feeling really nervous about it, but I’m sure it will be fine. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit homesick… Not in that I want to be home, but that I miss some of the people I’m used to talking to on a regular basis. I’m trying not to have constant interaction with individual people because I’m afraid it would only make it worse. That said I would welcome a message on Facebook from anyone who feels so inclined.
Lots of Love, Mandi Jo