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Dear Friend,

Last night I came into our suite and was  surprised to see a sack of potatoes, a gallon of milk, and several other edibles on our dining room table. “Fastnacht Doughnuts!” exclaimed Morgan and Lenore… having had no previous experience with these celebratory desserts I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant, but I recognized the word “doughnut” and that was good enough for me. Apparently Fastnacht Doughnuts similar to the Polish, pączki, and are a traditional celebration of “Fastnacht Day” also know to the world as Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Carnival, or Mardi Gras. This tradition traveled… or spread, rather… from Germany to the Pennsylvania Dutch community… go figure. Anyways, this lovely tradition is what brought 6 dozen pastries to life over the course of last night and this morning. To see/read more about the experience… check out this post from Morgan!

Love, Mandi Jo