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Dear Friend,

This past Friday, I read The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler.  I expected to love this book, to be pulled into it’s pages like two magnets that just can’t let go. This was not the case. You see I have that magnetic relationship with Jay Asher’s only previous novel, 13 Reasons Why, and I read it every year for Bullying Awareness Month (October). My initial instinct is to blame Asher’s co-author, Mackler, but to do so would be unfair as I assume that she has written high quality books as well… and not every book written by Asher can be expected to be so moving. That being said… this book had a great premise, but was an awful story to read.

One main problem I had with the book was Emma, the female protagonist. She literally spends the entire book whining about her future, how she’s unhappy, and how cute various guys are. To some extent, I felt like this was supposed to be the point, and that her change from trying to be happy in the future to working towards being happy in the present was the “climax” of sorts… It was a highly anti-climactic climax. I was also confused by the way in which a part of Josh and Emma’s friends and family’s future would seem like a huge epiphany moment about the present, but would actually be a random blip that was there to provide drama and intrigue. They were never explored in their entirety nor given any resolution, but rather disappeared as if they had never come up.

Over all, I was disappointed by this book. However, I felt that the character of Josh redeemed it to some extent, because he felt more real than anyone else in the book.