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Dear Friend,

This past week I have moved back in to my home suite home, here at EMU. I have begun the large piles of reading for this semester, and even completed my first assignment. Despite all of these great, back in the good ole’ routine type activities… I know, without a doubt, that this semester will be different than any of those I’ve experienced so far. You see just this this past Thursday (at 4 am, I might add) a bus full of people left EMU and headed to Dulles as they leave the U.S. for a cross-cultural in Guatemala and Colombia. On that bus were some very important people: Christina, Kelsey, Everett, and several others that if I tried to list them all, I would soon have too many names to mention and still be reasonable. I was planning on  gathering with them this morning before heading out, even had letters written to Kelsey and Christina for their journey, but alas, my alarm did not go off as planned. (Apparently, when I checked to make sure it was on, I accidentally turned it off… how ironic.) So I have their letters, and they do not.

Today, yet another group of peoples will be leaving for cross-cultural! This time, it is the Middle East group, which is awesome for two reasons (a) because that will be me in 1 YEAR! (b) it’s the Middle East. This trip is also taking away friends, like Megan and Victoria… I have not yet written letters to Victoria (but am planning on it!), but I have written letters to Megan (and ALREADY given them to her.) So if all else fails, at least Megan will have letters for her trip.

Speaking of strange semesters, I made a schedule switch Thursday evening… I dropped Spanish, because it was awful, and added Young Adult Literature which is like a breath of fresh air… the kind of air that make you want to frolic through fields. I have several classes for which I expect to be spending lots of time doing the required work, and I was looking at Spanish and thinking “this too?” So when I realized that for Young Adult Literature I would be reading 20 YA books (Any suggestions? leave a comment!)… my heart literally jumped for joy and I thought, “How often are you asked to participate in your primary source of joy and have it count as homework?” Not often… well in college, never… until now. So now taking a break from homework is actually completing an assignment, and time away from homework isn’t nearly as much fun and actually doing it.

It’s been a while since I “checked-in” so I’ll do a quick one before I leave you to your day.


I feel rather sluggish, I haven’t worked out since before break, which is  weird since I’m now used to working out on a regular basis. Despite this, I am feeling hopeful about my workout routine this semester. I just need to settle into my schedule first aka. I still haven’t figured out where a workout fits in with my regular class schedule in a way where I won’t show up to class sweaty and stinky… It will happen.


A little worn out. I think I’ve just started to realize that people are actually leaving for their cross-cultural and that when I have something that I feel like I just HAVE to tell them, they won’t be there to listen. Not because they don’t care, but because they’re on the other side of the world. Now when that moment actually comes and they aren’t here… I might shut myself in my room for a while and pretend that they’re actually are… be prepared.


Here there and Everywhere… This isn’t what I was thinking when I titled this post, but it fits. Some days I feel like I am at peace, other days, I feel lost and disoriented. Not so much in the sense of feeling doubt and disbelief, but more the sense that I feel like I should be DOING something, but I don’t know what it is.

Goal: Figure out when I am going to work out, and actually do it