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Dear Friend,

It’s finally arrived! New Year’s Eve. The best holiday EVER. I’ve been spending my day reviewing precalc so I’m prepared for my Calculus class next semester, and it’s amazing too me how much I remember… I mean it’s kind of like when you can read a language, but can’t speak it yet… when I look at it, it all make perfect sense, but if you had asked me to do some of it… I would have been a bit lost. Anywhoo, you may have noticed the new look! I really like this one… it feels right somehow. I’ve decided to do these final New Years Eve posts at the beginning of New Years Eve rather then at the end, because I plan on being a bit busy watching a pickle drop. As per the usual, I have assembled a list of things I want to accomplish this next year, and because it’s 2013… I’m going to be listing 13 things! Enjoy!

Lots of Love, Mandi Jo

2013’s list of 13

  1. Go to a concert. I love music, and it’s high-time I start enjoying it away from my computer and stereo. Currently I’m looking at a concert in Charlottesville on February 10th featuring “Jukebox the Ghost,” “Matt Pond,” and “The Lighthouse and The Whaler”… but I’d be open to others instead of or in addition too..
  2. Live in an apartment this summer. Hopefully, I will also be living off campus next year, but one this I really want to do is find a way to live on my own… Although if this doesn’t work out, I’m sure Mom would love to have her personal chef move back in.
  3. Train for and participate in the Color Run! This is a 5k run where every “k” you have a different color of edible pixie dust rain down on you… it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. I read about it in a magazine this past summer and found out that there is one in Richmond in September. Lydia’s planning on running with me already, but feel free to join us!
  4. Learn a new skill. This past year… this past month actually, I learned to knit… why not take on the world and learn something else too!
  5. Read 24 books off of my book list. I’m actually hoping that I read more than that, but I want to make sure I read at least 24… I mean come on, it’s only 2 books per month!
  6. Take a picture of the moon… I finally have a lens that should work, I just need to find a good time to do it… I’ve been wanting to do this for a while too, which will make it all the more rewarding.
  7. Save my monies for the Middle East (it’s only a year away!!!)
  8. Post at least once a week. I kinda like talking to you… that is, after all, why I do it.
  9. Ace my Calculus class… because I can and no other reason.
  10. Figure out the Harrisonburg Bus System… because it’s about time.
  11. Continue working out with Jia… and even when she’s gone over the summer…
  12. Apply for the WCSC Program for my Spring semester senior year (2015). Applications should be available by the end of 2013… In case you didn’t know, WCSC is an internship program that EMU does, based in Washington DC. It works well as a Social Work practicum…
  13. Go to Convention… fingers crossed… I still have to figure out if it’s in my budget.