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Dear Friend,

It’s been a week since I left home and headed to Morgan’s for Christmas Break. Ok, maybe a little more than a week, but close enough. It’s been weird being in a place where people actually call me Mandi Jo… I like it, but that doesn’t make it any less odd. Sometime’s I feel like I’m in the process of meeting every single person Morgan has ever met, but that’s a slight exaggeration. I have, however met former teachers, pastors, church members, mentors, high school friends, and a variety of family members and young children. perhaps even people that aren’t on that list. We’ve gone caroling in nursing homes and at the mall, watched hours of NCIS, I’ve almost completed my first knitted creation (a scarf), slept over at a friends home, made snowflakes with a different friend for the Sandy Hook school, and I finally finished reading Dracula. Yesterday, Morgan’s extended family (on the maternal side) descended upon the house for dinner and gift giving. I’ve also started reading two books ( yeah, I know I should probably stick to one, but I’m about to finish one though, so soon I’ll be back to a normal number of books.) The first, and most read one is “Eat Pray Love” which I had been meaning to read for a while now, but just got around to it. I’ve read about Italy and India and am now finishing up in Indonesia. It’s been really interesting to read about Liz’s year of transformation and to see just how far a person and go (metaphorically, and literally) in one year. The second book I’m reading is Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. If you haven’t looked over my booklist (check out the Goodreads thing on the side bar -> ) you may not have realized just how many types of books I have there… You see at some point I just realized that I miss reading, so I’ve incorporated that into my plan to become a genius… in a major way too.

I plan on checking back in with you tomorrow sometime (Christmas!!!) Have a great Christmas Eve!

Lots of Love, Mandi Jo