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Dear Friend,

It’s true, I’ve been missing for longer than I would have liked, but have no fear! This hiatus has been a result, not of my being in a coma, or mauled by wild animals, but rather the chaos that is better known as the second half of a semester in college.  I have one more week left of classes before I delve into finals week and the semester comes to a close. This means that in just TWO weeks I will be in Pennsylvania ( that will be explained in a bit, don’t freak out on me now…) with the entire semester behind me… It’s so strange to think about! This semester has gone so quickly, it feels like I slept through half of it, and I can promise you that I didn’t! Perhaps this semester has felt quick because I have enjoyed every moment of it, compared to the summer, where I felt like the end would never come.

Story time! In two weeks, I will be going, not to my home, but to Morgan’s! Morgan, as you know is not only one of my roommates, but one of my best friends! (Although, to be fair, this also applies to my other suite-mates Lenore and Alyssa) Three weeks at her house also means that I am in the process of creating the most awesomest gift basket ever! Or at least the best one I’ve ever made… I’d tell you what’s inside, but then the surprise would be ruined! But have no fear, I will be sure to fill you after Christmas has arrived. I’m so excited to meet all of Morgan’s family, and to see a new side of her (aka her “home” side). I’d elaborate, but I haven’t gotten there yet, and do not know what all this trip will entail.

This week is going to be one of the busiest I’ve had this semester. working out with Jia, finishing up all of my ceramics pieces, writing final papers and preparing for final exams… ROH!!! I’m just glad that at the end of it will be Christmas (in the suite, that is) before diving into the final rush. (I actually have to pack this year, which will be a new and slightly odd experience…)

Love, Mandi Jo