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Dear Friend,

Well, here I sit watching coverage of the 2012 Presidential election. That’s right, history is being made. You know, if you think about it, history is always being made… but that’s rather unrelated, anywhoo. I’m also discovering my inner nerd. If you haven’t spoken to me this evening then you have avoided hearing me explain to people what the various proposed state constitution amendments mean, who the various local candidates are, and keeping track of the electoral college like a boss. You want to understand the interest I have in this election? Let’s just say that every time they update the percentages for each state I recalculate what it would mean for the electoral college if the states stay where they currently stand. It’s so much fun!!!

I’m also keeping an eye on same-sex marriage legislation, which is up in 4 states. Minnesota is voting on legislation BANNING same-sex marriage, and Washington, Maryland, and Maine are voting on legalizing same-sex marriage.  Keep an eye out for how these turn out!!!

Love, Mandi Jo

P.S. CNN has just announced (ok, projected) that President Obama has just re-elected to a second term. WHOOHOO!!!