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Dear Friend,

Last week I did a “check-in” which is an idea from “The Weed” but that I acquired through Morgan (links to both blogs are below) and I really like the idea. I’m a few days late on this one, but in the future, I’m hoping to do them on Sunday nights (like last time). So the rules are, you can’t use words like “good”, “well”, “bad”, “ok”, etc… because they are about as helpful as a porcupine on the road.


I’m doing a bit worse than last week. We had Fall break, so rather than go to the Gym with Jia on Tuesday… I just ate a bunch of junk food. Go figure. I felt a little lost as to how I could eat better, because my only on campus source of food was the Den (aka burgers), but other than that, I’m feeling pretty normal. I had a headache two nights ago (Monday) but that’s probably just because I spent the evening driving with people coming towards me, at night, with their brights on! Crazies.


I’m confused… or rather I’ve been spending too much time thinking so I feel confused. OK, let’s restart this. I have lots of emotions running through me right now… Hope, Love, Fear, Frustration, Impatience… you know, the basics. So I’m hoping I can give myself some breathing room to just let things settle a bit before I start running around doing rash things… or who knows, maybe I should (run around and do rash things), just to mix things up a bit.


I feel a little lost here right now… not so much in what I believe as trying to figure out how I live so that my relationship with God flourishes. For so long, I’ve rested on the fact that I wanted to work on what I believe, and now I’m reaching the point where I want to focus on living so that my life reflects those beliefs, but I’m struggling to do that.


Last week my goals were to read scripture 3 times, and to eat consciously. I failed horribly at reading scripture this past week, but I did think about my eating. I wasn’t great at thinking in a constructive or helpful way all the time… sometimes I just thought, “mmm, I LOVE TEA!!!”… seriously, I love tea… but I felt like I did a much better job at thinking about food.

So my goals this week are to (1) Keep thinking about food, and track what I eat for 1 day. (2) read scripture at least 1 time this week.