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Dear Friend,

As I wrote last week, this past weekend was crazy busy. In fact, I even did a few unplanned activities!  You see on Friday I got a call from Christophe, who invited me to go bowling with him and his friend Erwin! We bowled 5 games in 2 hours. I don’t think I’ve ever bowled so much in such a short amount of time, but best of all is that one of those games, I kicked butt! Seriously, it was a high score game for me with 143 at the end (I’m usually in the mid 90’s) and I was just feeling it. The rest of the night I was sitting closer to my normal score range, but that was just fine by me, I went to have fun, not embarrass them all night. In general it was a fun night of victory dances, mockery, and attempts to “spin” the ball… which, surprisingly enough, was actually successful sometimes. Then we went to Cookout and grabbed milkshakes before heading back to our respective schools.

The next morning was the Relief Sale! Seriously, I think the only thing I ever accomplish is eating some really yummy food, and buying a pair of earrings from Ten Thousand Villages, this year I got myself a picture frame too! (Which I haven’t yet filled, but I’ll figure that out later.) Not 5 minutes after returning from the sale, I headed out with Lenore, Morgan, and Ryan (a friend of Morgan’s who was visiting over the weekend) to Massanutten Ridge to go hiking! It was a beautiful day and while I usually despise hiking, I actually enjoyed myself because I got to mosey around a bit and take pictures as I went. When we returned, we played Hearts until the Game Night Crew showed up at 9. Rather than play games like usual, we watched the video that Everett and various other people I know made when they were in 10th grade, Robin Hood. It was hilarious! I hadn’t seen it since it’s original viewing “back in the day” and I must say, it’s funnier now, when I can laugh at how much everyone has changed in addition to the hilarity that naturally ensues when high school boys get their hands on a camera.

In the morning I headed back over to JMU for brunch with Christophe. You see I had made a deal with him, that I’d get him donuts from the Relief Sale (because they’re delicious) and he was busy Saturday night, so he asked if I could bring them over Sunday morning instead. I figure brunch for donuts is a pretty good trade. Then that afternoon, I headed back down to Richmond to pick my mom up from the airport! James Bond day was this past week, so I celebrated by playing VOCHES8 in my car all weekend, and this trip was the perfect opportunity to just sing for hours! Or at least 2 of them (hours, that is).

I was feeling a little tired by Monday morning, but I think the awesomeness of the weekend was most definitely worth it.

Lots of Love, Mandi Jo