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Dear Friend,

This week has been, and will continue to be a crazy rush of events. On Sunday afternoon/evening Morgan and I went down to Richmond (well, and back… singing NEEDTOBREATHE the entire time… good times, good times) to take my mom to the airport. She was headed off to Phoenix (where my parents grew up, and my sister and I were born.) so she could help my grandparents pack up all their stuff because they’re moving here! This will be the first time I’ve lived near them since I was 4, so I’m pretty excited nevermind that it means I get some furniture that won’t fit in their new house, but is my inheritance… hehehe I LOVE household items!!!

Seriously, I love them… so explain this fully, you have to understand that this summer I used my birthday money to buy myself glass dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, tumblers, and glasses, not to mention the silverware and that when my grandma asked what I wanted for my birthday I said “An electric hand mixer.” as if this was a normal request for people turning 20. So to sum it all up, I can now set a table for 4 properly, with both salad and dinner forks, soup, dinner, and iced tea spoons, and a table knife. The only problem is that I have enough glasses for 8, so I’m thinking I might just have to complete my set for 8 over the next year.

Anywhoo… that was a major tangent. So this Sunday I will be returning to the airport to pick my Mom back up, and that will be the end of my crazy week. The past 2 days have been pretty normal other than finding out that my cousin is engaged and that her dad (My uncle) fell off a horse and fractured 6 ribs, but today I took Eli to Sweet Bees in celebration of his birthday (It was actually a few weeks ago, but I created a coupon book with 12 coupons in it, and he gets to use one every month.) After returning Eli home, I went to dinner, realized I had forgotten my bag at home so I headed home, but decided to stop at the gas station along the way. I like paying in cash before filling up, so I went inside and handed over what I thought was 20 dollars, went outside and started filling up. But lo and behold, once it reached 20 dollars worth of gas, it kept going!!! I was feeling more than a little confused, so I stopped the pump and went inside, but when I told the lady which pump I was at she handed me MONEY!?!? At this point I was confused, so I decided I should probably check my wallet and see how much I had actually given her, and it turns out I had handed over 40 dollars, not 20. So the little bit I went over 20 cuts into my spending money for this weekend at the relief sale, but that’s ok, I just have more gas than I expected.

In just a few minutes (around 7 pm), a friend is coming so we can work on a project for Survey of Economics, then at 8 Northlawn is having an open house to entice people into our dorm… I don’t think I will ever understand, don’t ask me to explain. Then at 9, I’m going to Common Grounds to watch the first Presidential debate of the season between Obama and Romney… today’s topic: Domestic Policy. This is partially because I’m interested, and partially because my least favorite class, Intro to Politics, requires me to be there… on the upside, this is only the second assignment we’ve had in that class so far. (Yes, I know we’re 1/3 of the way through the semester. Yes, I am counting correctly.)

Tomorrow, I will be participating in regular Thursday activities, like working out with Jia between 10 and 11, as well as Politics after lunch at 1pm. But then I will be headed out to Rally In The Valley, which is a conference for Social Work Students in the Shenandoah Valley. I’m not sure if I have to be there from 3-9 ish, or from 7-9 ish… so I need to figure that out, but in general I plan on not really doing anything other than being there tomorrow afternoon.

Then Friday is pretty normal… But Saturday is the Relief Sale!!! I love the relief sale it is just an amazing time to spend money for a good cause, not to mention that it’s a tradition that October wouldn’t be the same without. Donuts, Quilts, People, pure awesomeness… Check. Now Eli has a soccer game that morning so I might end up being needed to help transport him, but in general, Saturday is Relief Sale Day, until the afternoon that is, when some of us might be going on a hike! Normally I don’t like hikes, but I am determined to go because I want to be a more active person, and hikes help me achieve that!

I’m also hoping to find some time to go take pictures. This is for several reasons including the fact that  I recently started a second blog (It’s in the list of links I have down at the bottom of the page) which is in existence purely to motivate me to take pictures. After all, I need to be taking pictures for my Aunt, and just using my camera more in general. So I post a photo everyday, and sometimes add a short poem (created on the spot, by me) or a quote, bit of scripture, etc. But the main reason I need to take pictures soon, is because the field in front of my family’s home is full of these tiny white daisy-like flowers and I’m thinking that if I brought my big red chair down there, it would look amazing!!!

On a completely separate topic, 3 infants joined our church this week! I can’t wait to see all the roses on our church piano this Sunday as we celebrate their arrival into the world.

So that’s my crazy, crazy life…

Love, Mandi Jo