Dear Friend,

I know, I told you that I would give you through the end of the week to give suggestions about what to post this next semester. But I am getting WAY too excited about one of my previously mentioned possibilities to not get started already. So what did I pick?

Anonymous Love Letters

You may be wondering, well, how in the world is she planning on doing that? It’s not like she can write letters anonymously, I know who she is! This is where you come in! Throughout the next semester I am hoping you get as excited about this as I am and decide to send a love letter you have ANONYMOUSLY written to someone else (It can be to me, but I expect most letters to be to more anonymous people) The way this is going to work is you are going to write your words on paper and mail them to me, here at EMU! Either through campus mail or to me through EMU (Just use EMU’s address, it’s on their website, and put my name on it!) I will then post the contents here, so we can share the love. So write that letter to your significant other, or who you wish was… or even just a good friend and send them to me.

In case you haven’t noticed this is a play on Post Secret, except with love instead of secrets… although I guess it could be both, but that’s getting me off track. I realize that you are a busy person, but surely you have time to write a letter full of your hearts love and put it in the mail… oh and in case you were wondering, yes, I am planning on writing a few letters of my own.

Lots of Love, Mandi Jo