Dear Friend,

I recently asked you for ideas about what to write about The list was short (and is below, but we’ll get to that later) and I’ve even added some of my own ideas, but it’s not too late! I will be taking suggestions through the end of the week, so keep them coming and please, if you have ANY idea, no matter how crazy, just spit it out already so I can give it the consideration it deserves. Currently the ideas I have are:

  • Trying every flavor of milkshake at Cookout, one of Harrisonburg’s new college eats.
  • Photo of the Week
  • “Chains of Beauty” sketches
  • Floor Plans/ SketchUp Screen Shots
  • Anonymous Love Letters
  • Book Reviews/Recomendations
  • Song/Music Artist of the moment
  • AND the one that just popped into your head… (come on, I know you just thought of something, so comment below before you forget)

I happen to be really excited about the possibilities, so I’ll get back to you soon!

Love, Mandi Jo