Dear Friend,

As you may have… but most likely didn’t… notice, I have not yet chosen a focus for my next series. If you are relatively new to reading these thoughts of mine, you may not yet have realized that I even have a series… but rest assured I do. Or rather, I will. I’m starting to notice that my series tend to last about a semester before I’m ready to write about something else, so no worries, if you find you aren’t interested the topic don’t stop reading, just wait it out, the end will come.

But this semester I’m hoping to gain a little input into the choice of topic. What do you want to hear about? Or rather, what would you possibly appreciate rambling on about for the next 3 months or so? It could be anything… You can choose a broad topic like “Hope” or a more narrow topic like “Fruits of the Spirit” (Now, I realize that it seems like I should have put those in the opposite categories, but when Hope is by itself it gets to be explored more broadly than when I’m trying to something about each of the Fruits of the Spirit” If you want we can go serious with something like “Spirituality” or you can go fun and playful with something like “Candy Bars.”

But it’s up to you… so go ahead think about it, write it down, type it out, tell it to me in person, pass it along through several other people in a chain of people till it no longer resembles what you actually wanted me to write about, I don’t care…  as long as I hear back from you!

Lots of Love, Mandi Jo