Dear Friend,

I obviously need to catch you guys up, because I’ve been MIA for way too long. All in all, my summer was busy, but normal. No huge life-changing events or trips, and visiting Topsail Island for a week was the most eventful thing to happen. I watched Claire and Evelyn in the mornings playing board games, making snacks/lunch, playing with their guinea pigs, or just reading about historical princesses to them (like The Tudors, Victoria, Elisabeth II, and Anastasia).  Then I would work on any number of things that I was trying to work on and buy groceries for the day/week before picking up Mom from work and making dinner.

This past week, I moved back in! I love being at school where there is constant laughter and I couldn’t wait to get back in the swing of things. Ever since I got here, however, it’s been super stressful. Some confusion about financial aid and tuition, sheets that had to be re-washed because the laundry detergent I had used before gave me hives, and now I’m having a problem with one of my textbooks! This, however is the problem I am having the hardest time solving because it’s all about codes and internet course stuff that is difficult to figure out. Not to mention that I have to figure it out today, because I’m leaving tonight for Kettle!

As I’m sure you heard, because I keep talking about it in my excitement, I am headed to Kettle Falls, Washington tomorrow morning so that I can attend my friend Heidi’s Wedding! She and I have known each other since we were 6 months old (not to mention that we’re only 4 days apart in age) and to miss this would, in my eyes, be unacceptable. So Mom and I are driving up towards DC tonight, grabbing a plane early tomorrow morning, celebrating on Saturday, and then flying back on Sunday! It’s a super short trip, but I can’t afford to miss two days of class and don’t care because I still get to go.

As for today, I’m also excited because my dear friend, Brandon (also refered to as Habs) is going to be visiting campus!!! All in all, I’m looking forward to a few days of stress-less excitement.

Lots of Love, Mandi Jo