Dear Friend,

Last time I posted, I mentioned my desire to put together a bucket list. Since then I’ve been thinking about the best way to put this bucket list together and I’ve decided I will put together a separate post category (Which will aptly be named “The Bucket List”) where I will place entries dedicated to the various listed items. This will make it easy for me to add items, and easy for you to find items, which sounds like a good thing all around. I do, however, want to have some sort of outline for the posts which will be as follows…

  • Description of Action, Adventure, Etc.
  • Why I’m putting it on the List.
  • When I want to complete it by, or if it’s a throw-away… as in an item that is something I would love to do/accomplish, but isn’t all that important to me.

I can’t wait to see where this new bucket list adventure takes me, but I guess we’ll see! Remember, I also love hearing about you, so tell me about items on Your bucket list… especially if the over lap and we can work on them together!

Lots of Love, Mandi Jo