Dear Friend,

As you must be aware, it is day two of my fast. Today I am not eating anything, however I am drinking juices in addition to water. One aspect of this fast that I didn’t really expect was slowing down. In some ways I thought “Hey, I’ll have time to do stuff during meal times this week! That will be different!” and it is. It is different. My time however is much more a focused type of time, rather than a doing/accomplishing/getting tasks done sort of time. I kind of like it. True it makes it a bit harder to get stuff done, because I’m going at whatever pace I feel so inclined, but I’m also spending more time thinking, which I happen to love doing.  This week I’ve appreciated the way in which my fous has changed. I am no longer thinking about guys all the time… although, to be honest, I never really did that. I am however thinking about food a lot more. This, I recognize, is because I’m hungry, but also, I think, because I’m thinking about how I have let my brain (well not my brain, more my fear and frustration, rule over my eating habits).This Friday evening, when I start eating again, I’m hoping that this new sense of reflective eating stays with me.

Love, Mandi Jo,

P.S. This is from Lunch yesterday, but for some reason it wasn’t letting me publish it, so I waited…