Dear Friend,

As you are aware (if you aren’t, back up a few posts and read-up before reading this) I am applying for the Middle East Spring 2013. So recently my dreams have been filled with thoughts of Syria, Israel/Palestine, Jordan, Greece, Italy, etc…(well, I haven’t actually been dreaming, but more of a constant contemplation.) Well my interview is this evening and I’m pretty much freaking out. it’s only 15 minutes and from what other people who have already had their interview have said I gather that it’s mostly a time for Linford and Janet (Stutzman) to have a conversation with each of us and not only get to know us, but ask us some questions about any limitations we might have (disabilities, health issues, etc) So i feel as if I shouldn’t be worried, but I am. As someone who struggles with a lack of conversation skills, I expect to feel awkward, this expectation, quite unfortunately, often is the catalyst for it’s own bringing about. My expecting awkward causes me to act awkward which, in turn, causes others to feel awkward (at least they feel awkward to me.) I think I need to just calm down, work on something else and plan on having the best, most intriguing conversations I’ve ever had.

Love, Mandi Jo