Dear Friend,

If you live here on campus, as I do, you may have noticed my absence these past two days. It’s true what they’ve been saying, I WAS at church retreat. Now however, I am sitting in the EMU library trying very hard… actually I’m not trying at all… to focus. you see my brain cells are pretty much dead from all of the exciting things I’ve been doing this weekend, and homework just isn’t happening, well no more of it that is, I truly have completed a good amount of it though, so no fears… that which is undone can wait without foul. Oh dear, I’m beginning to sound like a really poor Shakespeare imitator. One hurdle I have discovered since sitting down at this computer is that I’m no longer sure what to do with my photos. You see for Digital Photography we were advised to begin shooting in RAW rather than in JPEG, so I of course changed the setting on my camera to do so. What I didn’t think about, however, was the difference it would make when attempting to view photos here on the computer… now this will probably all be explained to me on Tuesday when I have class, but at this moment, it just isn’t working… at all. So I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I assume, all will be well soon. When that happens, I would be glad to share the few photos I took of this momentous weekend. Too many of them, I admit, are of Paul and Ellis demonstrating their hobo-bromance… or whatever it is they call it. Anyways, that will hopefully be coming up soon, until then, keep being awesome.

Love, Mandi Jo