dear friend,

i’ve discovered that the more time i have, the less i do and the less time i have, the more i do. for example,  i am, at the moment in the library with the full intention of actually working, however here i am checking facebook and blogging. this pastime has been one that i’ve struggled to maintain in the past but now that i should be doing homework im blogging all the time. go figure. as far as how life has been going so far, here in the college world let’s just say that i don’t know where to begin. ice cream is everywhere i look, tempting me to no end, and there is always a chapter to be read, an essay to be written, and a friend to make. last week i was really focusing on making sure i got everything done on time and was getting enough sleep to actually function during the day. at the end of the week however, i found that i had only really gotten to know three people… sad. as an introvert, i hadn’t, at first, noticed the lack of relationship building i was doing… but by the end of the week i discovered i only knew a few more names than i had at the beginning of the week, and that bothered me. so more goal for this week is to meet new people. now i really like the people i’ve met so far but its college new faces are everywhere why not make a few more of them friendly ones?

love, mandi jo

p.s. as you may have noticed i’m still going with the whole “lowercase” thing i was doing this morning… but it’s hard, so know that my capitalization will return.