Dear Friend,

I realize yesterday’s post was a bit gloomy, but some things just need to be done (and I was listening to rather depressing music, which always changes things, for example I am currently listening to Brendan James which is much more happy and lighthearted.) That being said, I can’t wait for College!!!!! I’m sure that those of you in the same position are just as excited as I am. Despite the abnormal amounts of time I’ve been spending packing up my room, there’s has also been a lot of time looking forward to and preparing for classes and dorm life (DUH! What else would I be doing?) Let’s just say that unfortunately for my roommate (Hey Nakiesha!) I have an abnormally large Pirate flag and an Andy Schleck Poster that I’m planning to be posting on the walls of our room in addition to the crazy amounts of items I need for everything I’ll be experiencing in the next few months. I actually got my first textbook in the mail today (I’m not planning on changing any of my classes at Fall Final Registration…because I’m excited about ALL of them! Sorry that was kinda random.) What I find crazy about this, is that this is the book coming from the furthest away… but it got here first, go figure, Thanks Alaska! Another exciting thing is my camera is coming!!! Yes, that is right MY OWN CANON DSLR CAMERA IS IN THE MAIL AS WE SPEAK!!! I really wanted a 5D…because it’s a full frame, but I can’t really see myself becoming a professional photographer in the future so the extra money would be rather extravagant on my part (especially since I wasn’t actually the one paying for it,) so I’m sticking with the Rebel (T3i)  I figure if my goals change and I decide I want to be a pro, then I’ll sell it and buy a 5D. Actually what made this even MORE awesome (I know, how could it get better???) is that I got it for 1/2 price!!! Yes… I did just save several hundred dollars because I happened to order in the middle of a GIANT sale, I feel lucky (except for the fact that now I can’t sit still thinking about when it will get here, but that’s normal) Oh, yes! I got glasses! That might sound a little silly to just throw in here, especially if you’ve seen me in the past two weeks or so, but I recognize that not everyone know, and I don’t want anyone to freak out when they see them… freaking out freaks me out… I never know how to respond. I’m hoping to get another post or two (perhaps even more!) up in the 2 weeks I have until move in, but I can’t guarantee anything, since I never know what I’ll be doing. Ahh and, before I go, let me just tell you that I have been spending a LOVERLY amount of time listening to music lately (which always makes me feel better, and inspired…) so to those of you who have been asking for a sample of my music…be expecting it soonish.

Love, Mandi Jo

P.S. Song of the Day: “Different Kind of Love” by Brendan James