Dear Reader,

As you can see, I am rather busy today! Huzzah! I have been rather bored lately, and was wondering what I should be doing when it occurred to me that I had plenty of enjoyable activities to do, right here at home! So I’ve started a painting, and have decided that I should post MUCH more often then I have been, after all, it is when there are no distractions that the mind discovers the most amazing things… or at least, that is what I hope  happens, because there is nothing to distract my mind, and I hope to discover something amazing through my blogging this summer.

Today contains a few changes for this site including a small update to my “Weekly Plan” and the beginning of a new series!!! Now, I realize that I still haven’t completely demolished/explored the subject of boys so, that series will still be in the back of my mind, and may make a few more appearances despite my NEW series on the ever so timely subject of “Plans, Hopes, and Dreams.” As a recent high school grad, and soon-to-be college student with BIG hopes and dreams, this is something I’ve been thinking about a decent amount and so what better to explore through writing?! So I hope to post the first installment of that series sometime tomorrow.

You will also notice that the “categories” of posts have CHANGED! Yes, they have been consolidated and renamed (not all of them, of course) to better cover the contents and better fit the types of posts I hope to post in the future. One of these new categories you see is Photography, you may notice that at this moment there is only one post in that section, and that post contains no words, just pictures. That is how the ENTIRE category will be…FOREVER. I wanted a completely visual category and there it is. Now at this very moment, I am camera-less, but that will soon be remedied and I will just post some of my older photos until I have new ones. One possible change in the future for this section, is that Photography may become a tab at the top (like “What You Will Find Here” or “Throughout The Week”) with a completely separate posting system, but I haven’t completely figured that out yet.

This is just a random side note, but I also hope to be experimenting with a recipe or two and those may find their way here before the summer is out…let’s just say that yesterday I made a lovely concoction of blueberries, what my grandma calls wineberries, whipped cream, sugar, and cinnamon.

Love, Mandi Jo