Dear Friend,
To be completely honest with you, I should NOT be posting at this moment. You see, I find myself drowning in homework tonight, or at least more so than usual. The main problem isn’t the amount of work I have to do, but the amount of time I have to do it. I only got home about 30 minutes ago, and other than those thirty minutes I have been going full speed since 8am this morning. Not to mention that I haven’t been sleeping well and with the 3 hours of sleep I recieved last night, today has been anything but alert. So I leave you with this advice. Work ahead, get plenty of sleep, and eat a hearty breakfast. Do NOT survive on caffiene, eat only half of your lunch, and then only a single piece of pizza for dinner, and don’t procrastinate. because, you never know when you’ll be so busy that all you’ll want to do is sleep, but all you can do is stay up and work. I’m off to work!
Love, Mandi Jo