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Dear Friend,

There seems to be something about the number 19 today. You see at 12:19 I checked my blog stats and saw that I had 19 views today. I then immediately realized the the highest humber of views I had ever recieved was on December 19th, and that I’ve had a grand total of 19 comments on this blog. To add to the confusion I’ve recently been thinking about next year, when I will BE 19. This, I realize, is most likely just a bunch of hulabaloo, but still, how often does this sort of thing happen?  So I looked up today in history, because you know… It needed to be done…and this is what I found:

National Croissant Day (This might be a FRENCH national holiday)

Escape Day

National Bread Machine Baking, Candy, Egg, Oatmeal, Wheat Bread, Prune Breakfast, Soup, and Hot Tea Month

Celebration of Life Month

International Quality of Life Month

International Way-Finding Month

Rising Star Month

Self-help Group Awareness Month

Book Blitz Month

Bath Safety Month

Birth Defects Month

International Change Your Stars Month

International Creativity Month

National Be On-Purpose Month

National Bird Feeding Month

National Clean Up Your Computer Month

National Get Organized Month

National Mail Order Gardening Month

National Mentoring Month

National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month

National Poverty in America Awareness Month

National Skating Month

National Volunteer Blood Donor Month

and the newest addition celebrate 19 day!!!

Happy January 30th!

Love, Mandi Jo