Dear Friend,

In the 3 months since I started blogging, I have had one post that seems to continue receiving views… is this because the male sex is the subject matter or because you keep coming back to this post to remember some intelligent statement of mine? I’ve pondered this and have decided that it must be the subject matter, for I don’t recall any particularly stunning statements of any kind. Yet this post has received almost DOUBLE the number of views as the next popular post. So, recognizing the interest you (my readers) have in boys I feel obligated to talk about them in on a larger scale. So what do you suggest? Would you rather that I do a short series on boys and talk about ONLY boys for a short period of time, or would you rather that I merely talk about them regularly…or am I completely wrong in believing you want to hear about “boys” at all? Please tell me, so I can make an informed decision on this subject… seriously, TELL ME. Thanks for your input!

Love, Mandi Jo