Dear Friends,

This is the most random project I think I’ve ever put together and I’ve decided to call it “Share The Pokes.” Show someone that you are thinking about them, that they make your day a little brighter, or just that you think they’re awesome. I don’t really care why you poke them, just share the pokes. Oh, and I don’t mean actual pokes…I mean on Facebook (you know the little button that says “poke” at the top of everyone’s profile) I know it’s cheesy and a little ridiculous but who knows maybe you’ll find, like I do, that pushing that silly button to “poke” someone makes you laugh just a little bit to yourself just thinking about how someone would react if you really HAD poked them… I don’t know have fun with it, and poke EVERYONE!!!

Love, Mandi Jo

P.S. In case you haven’t already heard, I’ve started this off with a bang by inviting, well, er, everyone to poke Malinda…because it’s entertaining. So if you haven’t poked her yet, please do.