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Dear Friend,

Last week I told you that I was waiting for acceptances/denials about my future plans. This week I’ve been lucky enough to receive several acceptances! I’ve been accepted to go to CADCA (as I already told you,) I’ve been accepted into Touring Choir (!!!!,) and I’ve even received my first college acceptance letter (finally!!!) All of this stress is lifted off my shoulders and what do I do??? I ask for more!!! I applied for a job. I know it’s crazy, yet smart at the same time. For you see we were on our random singing adventure yesterday and Malinda and I took a little break to visit Michaels. As we were walking in, I saw a sign saying that you could go online and apply and I realized that I would LOVE working at Michaels! Michaels is where I go. You know me, I’m that crazy person who wants to be an art therapist (whatever THAT is.) So working at an arts and crafts store just makes sense. My mom even freaked out, she was all, “It’s SO perfect!!”  Nevermind that the store smells like creative inspiration and that I never have enough money with me when I go shopping there. But I will warn all of you who are thinking about applying there…don’t, please, I would REALLY like to get this job and I don’t need any more competition then necessary… and it’s a LONG application process, seriously there were over 12 pages of questions. Well, you can apply, and I won’t really care, but I am in no way encouraging you to apply…

Love, Mandi Jo