Dear Friend,

Today has been a good, bad, confusing day. Last night there was snow, but when I woke up (approximately 2 minutes before school normally begins) I freaked out only to discover that there was a 2 hour delay. I happen to love snow and couldn’t complain, it even gave me extra time to get some things finished up! Then almost HALF of the day was practicing the Messiah (which I LOVE) and I got through ALL of the songs without my music (It was AMAZING!!! because I had never gotten through the yoke song without music before) So that was awesome too, but then, when I got home from school I was exhausted I found myself taking a (rather long) nap instead of doing homework, and I just woke up a little bit ago, so I don’t know if that was good or not. But what REALLY has me confused is in regard to CADCA… So just a few days ago I was saying that my future seemed to be in the control of other people but that I had let go of some things and it had made me feel better, right?, well CADCA was NOT one of those things, it had been driving me insane not knowing…today, after awaking from my nap I immediately got on fb, to see what was going on in this crazy world, and I discovered a message saying who got in to CADCA. I immediately freaked out and frantically searched until I found my name…After I saw it I started to calm down and I began to look over the list to see who else would be going…but there was a name missing. I think I read the list 6 more times before I realized that the one person I had been SURE would be on the list, wasn’t there. I really thought that they would get in before I would, so I just don’t get it. CADCA, just won’t be that same with out them, sigh. My apologies dear friend, may you be smuggled along…

Love, Mandi Jo