Dear Friend,

I feel like my future is in someone else’s hands at the moment. I’ve finished my touring choir audition, turned my CADCA application essay, etc. and must now wait for replies. Acceptances and/or denials are the main thing I see in my short-term future. However there is the highly anticipated random singing next week, there are numerous carols to be sung, candles to be lit, hats, mittens, and scarfs to be worn, hot chocolate to be sipped, snowflakes to fall, movies to watch and hugs to be hugged. To be honest the beginning of December has brought about much change, and has reminded me that sometimes, I just have to…let go. It’s hard. No one likes feeling like they have no control over their future but in many ways, letting go of somethings, has made me feel like I am in more control then I was, before. I don’t know if I’m making any sense, but I guess blabbering nonsense is a part of life. But in the past few weeks  I have let go of some insane hopes and dreams, hopes and dreams that were hurting more than helping me. Finally letting go of them gives me more freedom then I’ve felt in a while (despite numerous other stressful factors in my life.) So my christmas wish for the world is that we find the courage to let go of the things that hurt us and weigh us down. Let your world be light.

Love, Mandi Jo