Dear Friend,

Well, I didn’t win…but I DID get THIRD PLACE!!! I even recieved a toothpick dispenser for my efforts (complete witht the toothpicks!) I was beat out by A Mocha Chocolate cake-thing (unfortunately I didn’t think it was as good as it sounded) and a snowman cake with three different types of cake layers and something that automatically made it worthy-Red Vines (beacause Red Vines are INFINITELY better than twizzlers, anytime, anywhere, hands down.) My creation was a cake house made out of white cake with twizzler roofing (yes I realize I dissed twizzlers all of two seconds ago) and sour patch kids hanging out around the doorway. Yes it WAS classy. This all said, I realized earlier today that my dad has taken our camera with him on his cross-country road trip, so I wasn’t able to take any pictures, others, however, were taking pictures and I’m sure I can find one to show you guys. Sleep Well!

Love, Mandi Jo