Dear Friend,

A weird thing happened to me yesterday. You see I was at youth council for our holiday party and we were playing this game to split up into five teams of three to four people. S a sticker is pit on each of our backs and each sticker has a word/name in ut and we had to split into the different categories without talking. So I’m looking around and I see a whole bunch of different stickers: Santa Claus, Winnie the Pooh, Derek Jeter, etc. All sorts of harmless things, but I KNOW that what is on MY back is a bit more humorous than that for every one who sees my sticker cracks up. But with all of the harmless actors, athletes, cartoon characters, and winter related labels I see around me “how bad could it be???” Well right as this thought goes through my mind I discover a label that clues me in to just how bad this really is. For there, across the room I see “Chlamydia” and then even closer “Herpes”… I am an STD. Reaching behind me I remove the sticker label and end the suspense. There on the sticker I find the words in question…  “Genital Worts” Seriously, who could have seen that coming?

Love, Mandi Jo