Dear Friend,

As you may know I am the star of my high school’s production of Fiddler On The Roof…actually I only have two lines and one solo, and to be honest my solo’s only three words long… so in reality I am a mere villager. This, however, will not dampen my spirits nor keep me from bringing my superb voice and excellent acting skills to the stage (all of this is to say, I entertain myself if not the audience. For I am NOT the best actor in the world…or even a good one I must admit. I mean seriously, I can’t maintain an accent of any kind for any length of time nor can I keep a straight face! In the same way I can not claim to an angelic voice, anywhoo! I am getting off track…so yesterday, at the 3rd of our 5 performances I discovered a box of wigs in the girls dressing room. I didn’t spend much time exploring the contents of the box and simply noted that there was an abundance of wigs and hats. Well at todays performance…needing something to fill the time I spend back stage (it’s actually not that much, but still), I ventured to the box of faux hair. I reached in and pulled out the first matted wig i put my hands on. When I had begun to straighten the part I slowly came to the realization that I was holding a Jack Sparrow Wig complete with the braided beads on the sides. Placing it on my head I reached back into the box and discovered yet another Jack Sparrow wig! Finding joy in the ridiculousness of it all, Malinda and I headed out of the dressing room topped with the glorious wigs. Soon the wigs were swept up by others and around the backstage you could see people whispering “I’ve got a jar of dirt, I’ve got a jar of dirt…” and “Why is the rum gone?” among other quotes, while pretending to eat peanuts and prancing around in the familiar Sparrow-like fashion. Other wigs were also passed around as well as hats and scarves but none with the reception of the Jack Sparrow wigs.

Love, Mandi Jo

P.S. I realize this is the most pointless post ever but I guess that is just what life is about, pointless moments that create priceless memories.