Welcome Friend!

Dear Friend,

Welcome! Let’s be honest here, I’m prone to having grand schemes of consistently blogging funny and thought-provoking posts filled with stunning photos. The reality is that I’m returning to this blog after a 2-year hiatus preceded by five years of haphazard posting. Regardless, I’m hopeful that this will be a space where I can ruminate and share about my daily life through words, photos, recipes, and who knows what else!

I love letter writing, and hate the idea of writing to the empty void that is the internet, so my posts are in the form a letter addressed to you, my best/old/new/etc. friend. I’m glad to have you here!

Lots of Love, Mandi Jo

A Bit About Me:
I am a woman of many passions and interests but above all, I value the people and relationships in my life and try to let that show in how I make decisions. I have a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Eastern Mennonite University and moved to Denver, CO in the summer of 2018. Before moving to Denver, I was living with some really cool people and a dog named Lucy in Washington, DC. and sharing life/working for the L’Arche GWDC community. Strange habits include: collecting random facts, creating seasonal playlists, and stopping to smell take pictures of the roses all the flowers… 

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